Our Story

Buglife is a group of creators, storytellers, planners, strategists and media experts – working in harmony to help clients reach their goals. 

Based in the creative hub of Jaffa-Tel Aviv, in the past few years we have worked with various companies, musicians, producers, filmmakers, promoters, theaters & nightlife venues.

Driven by our passion for culture, we have acquired the digital tools and skills to make dreams come true through innovation, strategy and process. 

Now armed with our expertise and ever-lasting passion and drive, we strive to help companies and individuals grow.

Buglife Crew V3


The digital world is evolving and changing every day.
Systems go through changes and updates at a crazy speed.
Every day, new issues and challenges appear.
To us – a bug is an opportunity, and not a failure.
Bugs will always be, and so will solutions.


We live in a challenging era. The human mind has never had to handle 100 notifications a day. We barely have 5 minutes to think. To focus. To create. To write.
We consume all we do not from inner thought, but from advertisements and influencers.
Rating is measured by views that can be bought.
Robots respond to political posts and influence public opinion.
The deep-fake technology is becoming more available and accessible from day to day.
We believe in doing things differently.

We are here to create life in the digital world.
Here so you can enjoy it instead of having it be your nightmare.

Meet The People

Yehuda Meir - BugLife Club

Yehuda Meir

CEO & Strategy

Eden Zidkiyhu - BugLife Club

Eden Zidkiyhu


Alik Zemlyankin - BugLife Club

Alik Zemlyankin


Evie Khabie - BugLife Club

Evie Khabie

UI/UX Designer

Shir Sternberg - BugLife Club

Shir Sternberg

Customer Success Manager

Shaked Regev - BugLife Club

Shaked Regev

Art & Creative

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